My Current Favorite Shipping Supplies

One of my favorite parts of running my business is packing your orders! From packing my very first order to now there has definitely been a lot of trial and error, it's still something I'm learning everyday. 

Keep reading for the supplies and suppliers I use to help bring my packing visions to life! 

Insert and Care Cards

Insert cards are such a great way to promote your business and to thank your customer for their purchase. I leave a blank line in the middle of mine so I can write down the customer's name to make it personal. Using Canva makes it easy, I design my cards to fit my brand then get them printed through them. They have fast shipping and are affordable. For 100 insert cards I pay 33 cents each.

Poly Mailers 

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a cute poly mailer arrive at your doorstep! I have a lot of fun ordering different designs and trying new brands. I am currently using Peached Mailers, but before them I was using Polylush. I also order from Magical Mailers, the Hype Girl Supply Co and The Happy Shipping Co. In the past I ordered from Small Business Supply Co and loved their mailers, too. These are all small businesses selling packing supplies for other businesses! There’s a lot of options when it comes to mailers, it comes down to what fits in your budget and what style fits your brand.   

Tape Dispenser and Custom Tape

I hate to admit it but this is not actually an essential packing supply although it really makes my packages look so fun. The *Tape Dispenser is a one time purchase, I got mine off of Amazon and I purchased my tape from Sticker Mule because I wanted it to be customized. There are businesses that do sell generic decorative packing tape if you aren't ready to go the custom route. For my next tape order that is what I am thinking of doing.  

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Another non-essential but such a cute touch. You can never have too much branding so adding a brand sticker outside of your packages won't hurt! I also like to use stickers that say “happy things inside” to create a little bit more excitement before the customer even opens the package. 


I hope this helps you find your own packing style that best fits you and your brand. If you're a small business owner, comment your favorite packing supplies below! 

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