My Pop Up Must Haves

So you signed up for your first pop up/craft fair?!

This is exciting stuff! Take a moment and be proud of yourself. Pop up events are a ton of work and you can't know the outcome of an event.

In this post I will share the products that I have bought and found useful to use for my events and that made my life easier!

All of the items in this post can be found online by clicking the word itself or photo. You can find even more design ideas on my Amazon storefront linked right here!


For outside events you might want to consider these items listed below. Some events make certain items mandatory, so be sure to check with the event coordinator so you can be prepared!

Canopy Tent- A tent is a must have for any outdoor events. There are so many buying options for tents so I recommend picking out the one that best suits you!



Canopy weight bags- Weight bags will probably be one of those mandatory items. I am so grateful for these, the second wind starts picking up, I have peace of mind that my whole tent won't be flying over.




Canopy sidewall- I bought one of these and it was a life saver! These are going to help block the sun or rain, and even give your booth a little privacy if thats something you think you would like. 



Fitted tablecloths- A no brainer! There are so many pros with the fitted table cloths. They wont blow in the wind, they don't wrinkle much, and it looks professional.



Next I have listed items I, and probably most other vendors, would consider to be essential and improve efficiencies at events. These are my Must Haves!

A POS System You can always be a cash only booth but I recommend looking into a POS system so that you can accept credit cards. An easy way to increase your sales since most people don’t carry around much cash anymore! I use Square* and I'm happy with it. They do take a fee, but it's easy to navigate and I can take card payments with a tap on my phone. They also integrate with my accounting software, Quickbooks Online, for easy tracking and reporting. I also accept Venmo in case cash or card is not doable for the customer. Can’t risk losing a sale for lack of payment options!



*not an affiliate link
Paper or Reusable Bags- I use paper bags and I add a branded sticker to them so when someone purchases from my booth they are walking around with my logo on it! I order the medium 8x4.5x10.8 and the large 16x6x12 for any sweatshirt and bigger orders.



Cash box or Money pouch- I originally was using a cash box and posted a TikTok about my pop up favorites and got so many comments saying that using a cash box is risky. It's easier to lose and extremely easy for someone to steal. As true as all that is, if you have more than one person working your booth and know that someone will be watching it and prefer to use a cash box, then it works! Personally, since I'm usually alone, I switched to a money pouch. Better known as a fanny pack :)



Heavy duty containers- These containers were a game changer for me! For my first few events I was using cardboard boxes and containers that were too small for my larger products. These make setting up and breaking down a breeze, and protect my inventory from the elements.



Mirrors (full length, face mirrors)- If you sell jewelry or apparel don't forget to bring a mirror! Your customers will want to see your products on them before purchasing, so make sure they have the option. A cute bonus would be to add personality or branded decals!




Now that all the important stuff is out of the way, here is a list of items for decorating and bringing your booth to the vision you dreamed of! Let’s look at some of my picks for decorations:

Acrylic sign holders and picture frames... I like to use the acrylic sign holders I have linked, I just slide the design I want inside and I can always change as needed. Recently, I went to Hobby Lobby and found picture frames and used them to create my price sheets and love the way it came out!


Rustic wooden crates... I love the wooden crates, they're so versatile! I can use them to display my bamboo lids, for my sweatshirts and t-shirts and I can also use them for my glassware. They give so many options!



Garment Rack... If you sell apparel this is a must! It makes it easy for you to put out way more products while making your customers to flip through your designs and sizes.  


Custom logo banner/poster*... You want your brand name noticeable so people can see it with just a glance while they’re walking by. I ordered a table runner from a shop on Etsy, it was affordable, shipped quickly and looks perfect! 


*not an affiliate link
When it comes to the decorating part of events, the creativity is endless! Remember, going to events for your small business is supposed to be fun. Enjoy the process, you are going to learn as you go. Once you go to your first event you will find so much confidence in yourself and your business! Encourage people to follow your socials after they stop by your booth so they can buy from you again!

Thanks for reading!

Questions? DM me on instagram @pennyandcoo

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