Budget-Friendly Purchases For Your Small Business

Looking to elevate your small business on a budget?

Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out on the exciting journey of entrepreneurship, hopefully this post will help you find affordable yet valuable purchases that can improve your small business without breaking the bank. 

I felt there was no better way to start this off than sharing a free resource! UPS supplies blank thermal printing labels. All you have to do is set up an account with UPS and you can get them shipped to you!

Which leads me to the first purchase, a thermal printer*. The one I have linked is the one I use and it’s $70. These printers don't need ink; they run on direct thermal technology. Yes, you can start with using your printer but this will take up a lot of time and wastes a lot of ink. Investing less than a hundred dollars will make a dramatic change in your day to day operations! Thermal printers can also be used for many other things like printing your own thank you stickers, fragile stickers and care instructions. I recommend checking out @rollo on instagram to see all the amazing things thermal printers can do for you!


Organization, I have learned, is hard to manage but one of the most important parts of efficiently running your business, especially if you're working out of a room in your home. I’m always looking for functional, yet affordable organization setups because currently I’m always changing the layout of my space. I don't want to invest in a fixed system that I might decide to change within a few months. Here are the versatile storage units that I have bought and still use that have helped so much. 

6 wire self*

Rolling storage*

Cube organizer*


For the content creators or business owners who want to start creating content- get that tripod! You can find a nice tripod for around $20. I purchased a tripod and now I'm convinced it motivated me to make more content because it made it easy, quick and consistent. 


I hope this helps, thank you for reading! Comment below a budget friendly purchase you've made for your business!

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